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  • Atacama Rover Helps NASA Learn to Search for Life on Mars
    NASA, DC -
    ... Scientists also plan to map the habitats of the area, including its morphology, geology, mineralogy, texture, physical and elemental properties of rocks and ...
  • Drilling on Autopilot
    Astrobiology Magazine -
    ... The core-sample-handling system will then expose the cores to a suite of remote-sensing instruments that will diagnose their mineralogy in the same way that ...
  • Mars, Once Warm and Wet, Left Some Clues
    Space.com -
    ... The Tinto River, in southwest Spain, has a mineralogy similar to the Meridiani Planum, where earlier this year NASA's Opportunity rover found strong evidence ...
  • The Right Brain
    Summit Daily News, CO -
    As his favorite subjects progressed from geology and mineralogy to wildflowers and wildlife photos, he collected images, which he now displays. ...
  • Outdoors Calendar
    Asheville Citizen-Times, United States -
    ... Call 687-6648. SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN MINERAL SOCIETY: Join other mineralogy/geology enthusiasts for a monthly program, field trips and other related activities. ...
Mineralogy is an earth science that involves the chemistry, crystal structure, and physical (including optical) properties of minerals. Studies also include the processes of mineral creation and destruction.

The International Mineralogical Association (IMA) is an organization whose members are organizations representing mineralogists in individual countries. Its activities include managing naming of minerals (via the Commission of New Minerals and Mineral Names), location of Type material of known minerals, etc.

As of 2004 there are over 4000 species of mineral recognized by the IMA. Of these, perhaps 150 can be called "common," another 50 are "occasional," and the rest are "rare" to "extremely rare."

See also: Georg Agricola, List of minerals, List of mineralogists

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